Revit: Converting a Wall Based Family into Face Based Family

Convert a Family that was created as WALL based into a face based family.
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I have to apologise for whoever wrote this somewhere but I didn't store the link to give credit to. Anyways, lets go with the trick. I donwloaded a Radiator Family. I tried to put it in my MEP Model. It didn't let me. I Checked. It was a Wall based Family. I could have created a new one, but it was an ok family. I wanted a faster way around. And so, checking aorund (again sorry to whoever wrote this first, I don't remember from where I took it) i found this trick. First of all. To know if a family is Wall Based or Faced based we can check it in the Family Editor.
  1. Open the Family
  2. Got to Modify Tab --> Family Category and Parameters --> Scroll to the bottom of the Family Parameters Area
Here is the trick itself:
  1. Create a new Project A.
  2. Model a Wall
  3. Insert the Wall Based Family A
  4. Save the Project as Project A
  5. Create a New Project B
  6. Link as a Revit Link Project A into Project B
  7. Go to Collaborate Tab --> Copy / Monitor --> Select Link -->Pick Project A-->Copy-->Select Family A on the screen --> Finish
  8. Select the Copied Family A-->Modify Tab-->Stop Monitoring
That's it, now if you open the family usign the Edit Family button you willl see that it is Face Based. (be sure you had closed the family before using this or you will be opening the old version still Wall Based).


  1. Dave Baldacchino with his blog "do U Revit" wrote also about something like this.

    It's truly a nice trick, but it only works for categories that you can Copy Monitor as descripted in a blog post i wrote

  2. This isn't working for me, I don't get the option to select project A.


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