MT - Using BIM as a PM Tool: 4.2.3 – BIM influence on Communication

The effects of BIM on communication found in all of the 35 case studies were always positive. Communication improvements were mentioned 15 times in 13 of the 35 case studies (37.14% of the projects). Some of benefits on communication were “information exchange saving up to 50% of effort” (Palace Exchange – BSI, 2010); “information is a lot easier to find compared to traditional 2D drawings” (CMG Medical Office Building – Khanzode et al., 2008) ; or “better communicate changes with the owner” (Esean Children’s Hospital – McGraw-Hill, 2010a).
No negative effects or challenges affecting Communication were mentioned. This shows that this KPI is probably the one in which BIM is having an easier implementation, no stakeholders are mentioning any negative effects on it.

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