MT - Using BIM as a PM Tool: 4.2.5 – BIM influence on Quality

Table 4.2 shows Quality as another KPI were only positive effects were perceived. On 12 projects (34.29%) there were 13 mentions of benefits on Quality from implementing BIM. The type of benefits came from design and documentation quality aspects like “more accurate design” (Audubon Center – McGraw-Hill, 2010b) or “higher-quality [...] deliverables” (Sutter Health Medical Center – McGraw-Hill, 2009). Another very important effect of BIM implementation was that it allowed or helped sustainable design and construction like in the “improved Daylighting analysis” of the SF Public Utilities Commission (McGraw-Hill, 2010b); the “greener building” and cost savings “in many of the green elements” in the Shanghai Tower (McGraw-Hill, 2010b) or the “more sustainable construction process” at the Palomar Medical Center (McGraw-Hill, 2010b).

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