MT - Using BIM as a PM Tool: 4.2.6 – BIM influence on Risk

The amount of positive mentions of the implementation of BIM on negative risk reduction or control reached 8, with 17.14% of the projects having more positive mentions than negative ones (Table 4.2). Some construction companies saw “BIM as a way to drive the risk out of its bid” (Texas A&M Health Science Center – McGraw-Hill, 2009) and for others BIM reduced risk by allowing “better informed decisions” (US Food and Drug Administration Headquarters – McGraw-Hill, 2010b). The negative risk perception on BIM came from the need of “upfront investment for the modelling of the project to win the bid” (Texas A&M Health Science Center – McGraw-Hill, 2009) that could have not been recovered should the company have lost the bid or the need to clarify certain “model ownership issues for liability reasons” (Research 2 – McGraw-Hill, 2009). These negative perceptions could be eliminated or reduced if BIM became mainstream in AEC projects.

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