MT - Using BIM as a PM Tool: 4.2.8 – BIM influence on Organization

Several case studies were collected from existing literature to analyze in which areas the application of BIM had improved aspects of the projects studied.
The organization improvement KPI is the only one that showed equal number of positive and negative mentions, as well as equal number of projects. The negative effects were based on the project team not knowing how to better organize the team to take advantage of BIM (CMG Medical Office Building – Khanzode et al., 2008) or the frustrations for not all the stakeholders embracing fully the integrated approach (Cascadia Center – McGraw-Hill, 2010b). On the other hand, positive effects included “improved team building” at the Walt Disney Concert Hall project (Haymaker and Fischer, 2001) or “added capabilities that architects at the firm did not previously have” at the Maximilianeum Expansion (McGraw-Hill, 2010a). These effects on Organization seem to have a positive effect that surpasses easily the negative effects mentioned on the previous paragraph.

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