MT - Using BIM as a PM Tool: 4.2.9 – Software Issues

As mentioned previously, the Procurement KPI on table 3.1 was replaced by the Software Issues KPI
on Table 4.1 and Table 4.2. This doesn’t mean that BIM cannot help on procurement or present certain challenges related to this KPI, but since the projects showed no reference to it and many to software issues, this replacement was thought to show more valuable information.

Table 4.3 Software Issues due to BIM implementation (see Annex IV)
Software Issue
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Inconsistencies and lack of data on the 3D model
Haymaker and Fischer, 2001
Eagle Ridge
Technical difficulties were encountered that made it necessary to make ‘manual’ adjustments to the drawings produced automatically
Kaner et al., 2008
Expeditionary Hospital
Information Transfer Bottlenecks
Manning and Messner, 2008
Lack of Parametric Content
Unfamiliarity of BIM’s breadth of ability and associated experience of application in programming
Precast Shelter
modelling issues that arose from ignorance of the right modelling practices
Kaner et al., 2008
Cascadia Center 
not all the data could be interchanged
McGraw-Hill, 2010b
US Food and Drug Administration Headquarters
large projects pushed the limit of the software
McGraw-Hill, 2010b

20% of the projects presented software issues. This is a relatively high number, although analyzing the type of software issues (Table 4.3) one can see that these issues could be easily solved with more training of the personnel and better development of interoperability standards and practices as well as having all stakeholders using BIM in the projects.

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