How to extract the IFC Files contained on a Tekla TBP Package

Tekla TBP Package extracting is easy using this workflow
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I recently received a BIM model for review (It was mainly intended for the Structural consultant to validate what the Metal Structure subcontractor was going to fabricate) and wanted to access the individual IFC files. My idea, because we were having some discussions about the total cost and extra KG of steel that a project change meant, was to import the IFC files into Revit and be able to create a schedule to obtain the total weight of the metal structure. The problem was I could not open the TBP file in revit. Of course someone had figured it out first so I followed these steps and it worked perfectly.
So the trick is to install a program that can open the TBP file and extract its contents. IN this case, using 7-zip, works perfectly. You install the program, then open the TBP file. Inside the 7-zip interface you can browse the folder structure until you find the IFC files and extract them. Worked perfect!.

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