Revit unlocking 3D view to be able to orbit model

Views can be locked in a position. Where is the button to unlock them?.
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I was struggling the other day with a Revit model of a project. I do not usuall use Revit as a visor but had some problems loading certain parts of the model to Trimble Connect which is the software I mostly use for model review. The Revit Model had a 3D view created by the architects that was locked, so I couldn't rotate it using 3D orbit to visualised correctly different parts of the model. Finally I found how to unlock the view. It is simple, the button to lock or unlock the view in the current position is on the lower bar.
If the view is locked you press on the button and you will get the option "unlock view". If you need to lock it, press the same button and you will get the option "sve orientation and lock view". THis saving the orientation will allow you to later on, unlock theview if you need it to work on the model and when you are finished, using the same button press on the middle option "restore orientation and lock view" that will bring the view back to the saved 3d view you will have stored doing the previous step.

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