AutoCAD: Overkill and Flatten commands

Two importnt commands to clean your drawing.
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I just learnt today in a training session in my company two Express Tools commands that are very useful in some situations.
  • OVERKILL: This command allows you to erase any duplicated line. Let's say that you have a line that is supposed to be a single one, but because you mirrored the drawing or whatever you did it happens to be a bunch of lines one on top of the other. Well select all the lines, type OVERKILL in the command bar, and they will end up being a single line with the length of the longest one. Of course it doesn't clean up anything if the lines are not exactly one over the other, but anyway this is very useful. I'll put you another example. In my company we use a laser cutter to build models. It is very very important that the files you send to the laser have no repeated lines, since that would make the laser cut more than once the same area, with the overheating risk that might end up with a nasty situation such as fire and sprinklers flooding the office. So select everything, tyoe overkill and you will get rid of most of the repeated lines.
  • FLATTEN: This is a very useful command to know if you have trouble with lines that for some reason are not on 0 height. Select everything that you wanna have for sure on 0 elevation, type FLATTEN and everything will come to O elevation. Be careful because wih big topography files this might take really long and even crash AutoCAD if your computer is not powerfull enough. Remember also, that blocks will be flattenend and renamed, so be carefull when using this command.

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