Photoshop: Cropped Image Disappears

What to do if your crop tool makes the image disappear? Easy, easy...
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Was trying to crop one of the images for one of my posts here and I encountered the problem that when I used the Crop tool, instead of doing the crop operation, photoshop was turning my image into 1 single pixel. I had no clue what was wrong, tried to restart the program but the problem persisted. Finnally I realised that the problem was that for some reason, on the Crop Bar, on the width box it said "1 px". Well, simply removing that and leaving all boxes blank solved the problem.

An easy solution, but took me a while to find out.

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Revit Architecture: I-Beam Framing Joins

Creating clean Joins for welded I-Beam framing is relatively easy using Revit, you just need to know the right tools to use.
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I have been working on a Building with metal structure basically made of Metal I-Beam and I-Columns and some diagonal framing with the same I-Beam shape. I-Beam and I-Columns were no problem, but having the Framing look properly didn't seem that easy. After I modeled it using Structure-->Framing I got this.

This was of course not what I wanted, I wanted the I-beam framing to reach teh columns and the beams and to be cut to fit on each corner. I thought there was some automatic tool to clean up the join, but I couldn't find it (maybe there is, I am a bit new into this still...). I found a work around using the Opening by Face option found in the Home tab of the ribbon (Revit 2011 Architecture). To use this option we must firs extend the I-beam fare to pass through the corners, like this.

After we extended the element using the Shape Handles (the two arrows looking away from each other) we must use the Opening by Face tool. With this tool, we select the I-Beam, and then we draw the opeing (the part we want to erase. We do it twice, once for each corner, like in the image below.

At the end, we will get the desired result.

Not sure yet if this is the best option to do this operation, but it certainly works.

UPDATE: I just learned that there is a better way to do this. If you use the Cope Tool in the Modify Tab, this process is quite automatic, and it actually tends to give better results. See the image below.

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AutoCAD: Problems with LMAN Command. The solution is CMDDIA

Having problems when running the LMAN command? Maybe this helps
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Joe asked me ercently about a problem he was having with the LMAN Command.

"When I enter LMAN at the command prompt the following happens:
Command: LMAN
Current layer state: *UNNAMED*
Enter an option for layer states [?/Import/Export/Save/Restore/Delete/reName]:
It will not bring up a dialogue box. I tried filedia,that doesn't fix it"

He found himself the answer and told me the problem was the settings of the CMDDIA system variable. This SV has a similar use to FILEDIA about which we already talked about before.

According to Dailyautocad "CMDDIA system variable determines whether dialog boxes open or not, during the commands that which use file dialog boxes. If its value is 1, then dialog boxes open while the commands work. If its value is 0, then dialog boxes do not appear and the required parameters are entered from command line"

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Most Commonly used Design Software

See which software packages are being used by more people
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After analyzing part of the questionnaires of my master thesis I created this table showing the answers to the question "Which software package do you or your colleagues use regularly?" There where a total of 93 completed questionnaires from several locations and from a varied type of stakeholders, so the sample can be considered quite representative. I was surprised though by the high percentage of respondents who answered that they or their colleagues used Revit regularly. Here maybe is where the sample has some flaws, and people applying BIM concepts were more prone to answer the questionnaires than those who don't. Hard to guess. In any case, here is the table, take your own conclusions.

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SketchUp Plugins: Instant Road

A great plugin for creating roads extremely quick
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We saw last week a post by Vali Architects to create roofs very quick. They have a couple more interesting plugins. One of these is called Instant Road and seems to be a great tool to create Roads adapted to a Terrain. The video below shows part of its features.

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New Google Earth 6

New GEarth 6 with new features is out for download
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The Official Google Blog has recently announced the launching of the new version of google earth. 3D trees and integration with Google street view are some of the main added features. See the intro below.

You can download the new version here.

via Oriol Llevat.

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Free Unit Converter

How many square meters are there in a square foot? Need a unit converter? Here you'll find a good one.
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When working or gathering information on projects in countries the use different units, we sometimes need to convert the units to get an idea of the dimensions of that project, or simply to compare that project with others that use another system.

I am not going to enter into the discussion of why US has not yet adopted the metric system, so take this simply as a post to get a converter for as long as this is needed.

The one I am relying on for a long time is called "Covert for Windows" got it from my last job and it is actually freeware. below you can see the interface with all its different possibilities. Pretty light weight and easy to use.

You can get Convert at the author's page or download it directly here.

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SketchUp Plugins: Instant Roof

A great plugin for creating pitched roofs extremely quick
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I haven't posted much about SketchUp lately, but I just saw this Plugin and though it was worth posting about it. The video says it all. Easy roof creation. Pretty amazing the level of detailed reached with just a few steps.

You can download the Instant Roof Plugin directly at ValiArchitects website. They have some otehr pretty cool plugins, I'll post about them on the next few days.

Via the official Google Sketchup blog.

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The evolution of Scholar research on BIM

More and more scholars are lately doing, and publishing research about BIM. See the evolution.
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Based on on my previous post where I published a table with the Journals that have published articles about BIM and that showed an increase in scholarly research in recent years on the topic, I created a chart to better show this. Because the table was quite dense, I decided to simplify it to better show the evolution of this research with easy numbers. Here it comes.

This is part of my Master Thesis, so I'd appreciate if anyone who wants to use this can reference to it as it is shown below, or at least link to this page so people can find the updated Reference.

Broquetas, M (2011) 'Using BIM as a Project Management Tool.
How can BIM improve the delivery of Complex Construction Projects?', Master thesis, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences.

This is still a working title, if I finnally change it, I'll let you know

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Autodesk Project Butterfly is now AutoCAD WS

Project Butterfly from Autodesk has been officially released as AutoCAD WS.
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Not so long ago, I posted about the Autodesk project to run AutoCAD on the Cloud. Now the project has been officially released and the new name is AutoCAD WS. If you had an account on project Butterfly ur files will still be there, but you will need to log in directly from

The cloud application is free and it is intended for dwg file sharing. As I mentioned in another post, it can also be used to convert files from the latest versions of Autocad to the older one you might have installed in your computer.

A Great initiative by Autodesk. For more information check this great post on the topic.

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How to find a Job with the current market situation

The AUGI salary survey comes with some podcasts with advice on how to find a job.
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If you are in the process of finding a new job, you might be interested on this post. The September / October 2010 Issue of the AUGI World Publication, comes with several podcasts with advice on how to find a job. You can access the full publication clicking on the image below, or you can access the podcasts directly on the links at the bottom of the post. AUGI stands for Autodesk Users Group International and is the official Autodesk Users Group.

The above mentioned podcasts can be accessed directly from the links on page 5 of the Publication or for ease of use I am copying them here.
  1. Where to look for job postings
  2. Salary survey and how to use information from many sources to get the best overall picture
  3. The importance and benefits of giving as well as receiving (networking)
  4. Good practices with resumes and cover letters
  5. Interviewing skills
  6. Presentation, public speaking, your internet presence

The titles I used here are taken from the Mistress of the Dorkness post by Melanie (Stone) Perry about the topic because the original ones (part 1 , part 2, etc) where not very descriptive.

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Definition of BIM

My own definition of BIM. What do you think?
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I need to come with my own definition of BIM for my master thesis. For now this is the one I am using for I think it explains in a general way all the aspects that BIM (as a process not only as software tools) embrace.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the set of tools and processes for the creation and maintenance of an integrated collaborative database of information regarding the design, construction and/or operations of a building, with the purpose of improving collaboration between stakeholders, reducing the time needed for documentation of the project and producing more predictable project outcomes.

What do you think? How would you define the term?

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